Registered Private School GDE: JN700400746

Our Vision

Every child will leave us as an independent, confident, thinking young adult with the best (and most meaningful) Matric they can achieve, ready to follow their dreams and shape the future.

Our Mission

To grow children through unwavering adherence to our core values into the thought-leaders of the future.

Our Method

We open and operate boutique schools with an unwavering commitment to high academic standards.


An open forum through which educators and students plant their own seeds of thought about education by sharing their views and having a voice in educational matters.

Our Students


Students live in a world that is evolving and developing at an exponentially faster pace. Our focus is on critical thinking and the mastery of skills required to understand our changing world.

Sports Achievers

Although we do not offer formal sports activities, the school is home to a significant number of sports schievers competing at both provincial and national levels.


Students are taught correct and sustainable study methods that are continually reinforced through our teaching philosophy. They are required to demonstrate mastery of concepts using study skills through Proof of Preparation that must be submitted for every test and exam.


Although we do not offer formal art and drama, the school is able to accommodate creative achievers in the arts field. We assist in managing students' academic schedules while encouraging their best in their chosen field of arts.


We focus on creating an environment that recognises and nurtures the potential of each individual child through a mentored style of teaching, in very small classes, allowing them to identify their strengths and ensuring that they do not fade into the background, or slip through any cracks.


On enrolment, each new student completes a questionnaire that determines which House they will be allocated to. They are then issued a pin to wear on their uniform to indicate their House.