Registered Private School GDE: JN700400746


Although Education Incorporated does not offer formal Art and Drama, the school is able to accommodate creative achievers in the Arts field.

Young musicians, models and actors have gruelling training and competition programmes that often become difficult to sustain while simultaneously managing the rigors of a full academic schedule. At Education Incorporated we understand these pressures and support our young creatives by offering a degree of flexibility. We assist in managing their academic schedules while encouraging their best in their chosen field of Arts. Our dedicated staff supports our creatives and is always willing to assist these students to reach their goals, both on the stage and studio, and in the classroom, achieving the best possible results in both arenas.

We also recognise the achievements of our students, despite the fact that the school does not offer the discipline, in the form of Colours and Honours awards. Colours are awarded for certain placings at competition level, and Honours are awarded after this has been achieved for three years. Major contributions to the field of the Arts is also recognised and awarded.

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