Registered Private School GDE: JN700400746

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the school?

We’re a private boutique school with very small classes, so space in each grade is limited. We therefore recommend a personal tour with our Headmaster, as well as a needs analysis interview before commencing a trial week. Our trial is an immersive experience where your child attends all classes for a week and encompasses academic and social assessments and feedback from both peers and staff. These are followed by an interview with you and your child to determine whether Education Incorporated is the right fit for your family.

What must I bring to the tour/interview?

Your child's most recent three school reports and any clinical reports we should be aware of.

What is a boutique school?

A boutique school is an elite educational experience with small classes and personalised attention.

Do you give homework?

Yes. We recognise that students should play sport and participate in other extramural activities, so homework is minimal but regular. We ensure that the children know what is expected of them and focus on teaching them to study effectively. Learning for subjects such as mathematics, accounting, EMS and physics require particular effort, time and practice to develop these skills. Read an article on the subject by our Headmaster.

Do we still need extra lessons?

Education is one of those enterprises that sometimes needs remediation while still progressing. It's a little like servicing a car while it's still driving. If any large gaps are identified during the assessments (i.e. too large to remediate in the current academic year alone) we will recommend specific-outcome extra lessons at a reputable organisation such as Kip McGrath.

Do you do examinations?

Yes. See our curriculum page for more detail.

Are you a registered school?

Yes. We are registered with:

What curriculum do you follow?

There is no difference between the CAPS and IEB curricula. The IEB is simply an independent examination board. Our grade 12s currently write the GDE NSC, however, from 2018 they will write the IEB NSC examinations. See our curriculum page for more detail.

What exams do your Matrics write?

Our 2017 Matrics write the GDE National Senior Certificate (NSC) which falls within the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). This is regulated and governed by Umalusi which oversees all government and IEB schools' examination boards. From 2018, all of our Matrics will write the IEB examinations, also governed by Umalusi.

Do you have a school uniform?

Yes. A smart but less traditional uniform is worn by the students. See our resources page for more detail.

When are your school holidays?

We follow the ISASA three-term calendar.

Do you have a Code of Conduct?

Yes. See our resources page for more detail.

Do you offer sport?

No. See our campus page for more detail on extramural activities.

What are your school fees?

See our admissions page and click fees for more detail.

Why do you charge VAT?

Primary education (i.e Foundation, Intermediate, Senior and FET Phases) is VAT exempt, so the grade tuition fee does not have VAT added. However, books, stationery, learning materials, outings, etc do attract VAT at the prevailing rate. Our VAT registration number is 4950 2552 75.