Registered Private School GDE: JN700400746

2017 Annual House Trophy Winners

House Winners

1 Phoenix 4,510 points
2 Dragon 3,923 points
3 Griffin 3,393 points
4 Pegasus 2,504 points

Highest Individual Points

Luke van Rooyen Dragon 660 points

Previous Winners

Year House Winner Highest Individual Points
2016 Phoenix Rayne Nel


Power, Wisdom and Protection

Courage, Intelligence and Determination

Purity, Reason and Independence

Inspiration, Enlightenment and Loyalty

Real-Time Graph of House Points

Education Incorporated has four Houses named for flying mythological creatures: Griffin, Dragon, Pegasus and Phoenix. Each House has three characteristics that are closely linked to the school values of EQ (Emotional Quotient), IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and AQ (Application Quotient).

On enrolment at Education Incorporated, each new student completes a questionnaire that determines which House they will be allocated to. They are then issued a pin to wear on their uniform to indicate their House.

The Houses have house teachers (also allocated by questionnaire), one of whom is the House Leader. The students and teachers of the House vote for a House Captain and may re-elect a Captain at any point in the year based on his or her performance.

The Houses and point system was created when we saw how important it is for our students to belong to a team with a common goal. They inspire and support each other, hold each other accountable for their behaviour and compete fiercely to be the winning House.

House points are awarded for numerous daily achievements and positive behaviours, and are deducted to discourage undesirable behaviour. The points are weighted double in favour of positive behaviour. The points provide instant feedback via the big-screen TV at the school's reception. Any team at any time can issue a team challenge to gain more points, and we often see teams learning to identify their strengths through this process so that they can maximise their points. There are numerous House challenges issued by the school that also allow the Houses to advance their points.

The prize for the most points at the end of the year is the coveted House Cup (along with bragging rights). An individual trophy is awarded to the individual who has contributed the most individual points to their House during the year.