Registered Private School GDE: JN700400746

EduInc Teachers and Staff
Inspire, Invest and Innovate

The school is led by

Mr. Gershom Aitchison Headmaster
Mrs. Jacqueline Aitchison Director

They are assisted by

Ms. Olga Timbe Administration Manager

They are supported by an extensively experienced management team and professional teachers

Mr. Gavin Kennedy General Operations Manager
Dr. Erica Makings Head of Academics
Mr. Willie Engelbrecht Head of Teacher Administration
Ms. Christi van der Walt Teacher
Mr. Derrick Venter Teacher
Mrs. Jenny Ostrowick Teacher
Mr. Ross Arkert Teacher
Ms. Aneliza Geel Teacher
Mr. Ishan Singh Teacher
Ms. Alisa Gomes Teacher

Our professional team of teachers brings passion for education, enthusiasm and a vast range of experience to benefit our children, and to ensure our educational values.

While every teacher has his or her own unique way of teaching, it is very important to the success of Education Incorporated that all teachers speak with the same voice and that we all share the same values and teaching philosophy.

At Education Incorporated our teachers are always learning, and start each day with a training session. Some of the topics covered during the course of the year are exam setting skills, cognitive levels (Bloom’s Taxonomy), CAPS requirements, design grids, question types related to cognitive levels and design grids, cover pages and format, moderation tools and processes, The Cone of Learning and Bloom’s Taxonomy (Revision), the teaching process in the classroom, games in learning, review of cognitive levels and design grids, study processes and exam packs.